I Can't Carried It Alone

Assalamualaikumwarahmatuallahiwabarakatuh :)

It seems a month since my last post abt NS and our 3monthsarry and today 11.3, our 4monthsarry but I'm gonna not to post abt our freaking awesome celebrated. Hehe. Maybe, next time. Suddenly, I too much miss memories from 2011. I do miss 2011. If will, I'm gonna back the time. Saya rindu satu kelas dgn Hajar and Shasha, saya rindu moment 2ATI, saya rindu johan kawad negeri KRS, saya rindu the time dgn RB and Jakuya, saya rindu our first meet "crush lama", saya rindu masa saya jadi playgirl dulu *Ehhhh?, layak ke aku jd playgirl* Oke, diam. And all that things I can't just describe with words. I too much miss all that :)

Rindu satu kelas dengan Shasha. K Rindu sgt.

Platun KRS 2011 <3

RB <3

Jakuya <3

 Class 2AT1

Oke, ni hah yang paling rindu la. Form1Cadet batch 2010 SMKKBSR :) I do miss you all guys :)

p/s : I do miss all our memories. You still in my mind :) Assalamualaikum.

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