Something Better Left Unsai

Assalamualaikum :)

*no spesific motif for this ordinary photo of me*

Hye, hye. I know this is freaking shock when the heart suddenly said want to put one fake-cute- photo as the intro for this post. Haha. 
So, i need to follow what my heart said and taraaaa, look above. Hehe. 
Nowdays, i was freaking buzy and tired. With the school, bola baling, kawad*my soul*and at the night i have a tusyen class. It normal for a PMR candidate like me. Hohh, just remember this, me feel "Omg, how could i can just sit here and simply relaxe typing weirdo". 
This year,  i need to recover what i must. Correct to the right things. 
Even, it just PMR exam *just oke* but people will always want the best for themselve and same goes to me.
I seriusly want to make my parent proud with me, with my excellent result in academic, talented in any sports that i enter. 
Wish is wish. So, without effort my wish is nothing, just like a rubbish. 
So, this is a third of february. i just hv 8months to prepare what i need in pmr examination soon. 
Pray me well. Insyaallah. Allah always beside people who always faith to Him. 
I think it will be easier if i hv instilled a sense of unity and solidarity. Haha. Just one prinsip, learn from lesson. so, don't blame the fate if u need to face the lesson bcoz it will make u be more better.

For this opportunity, this Monday is Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. We as a muslims need to remember and always follow Him as our role model of Islam.

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