It Just Nothing if You Do That Things.

In the name of Allah the Merciful and gracious.
I started not to know who am i now. It seems likes do not know myself. Since this matter happen, it makes me be a weak woman. Yah, woman is a weak person, but I become more and more weak. I cant think postively actions lately. When, I started to accept what were happen now, comes another problem. How could I handle all this matter? Please. Its more hurt my heart when I read all your conversation with her. So whyyyyyyyy? It just nothing that I want to cry about. Its not means if you far away from me i will dying. Helloooo! I have my family, my all lovely friends lahh. It shhoo easy if I want to forget you, yah sincerely I may take a long times. But I beleive with myself. Who are you want to control whole my life.

At first, honestly I like, love you like crazy. But lately, you are nothing to me. It not because you have another love or whatt othee reasons, but it seems you are just my old memories. Maybe after this, all things another man do to me, I will equate to you. Hmmmmm. I have one suggestion, anybody here have more hearts? Can you give to me some? My heart such a man who is smoker. You know? Hearts full with many disadvantage things.

And, maybe this is last post I will story about you. One things, I wish you good luck with her, May Allah bless both of you, even  when I wish luck, it hurt me sometimes. But nevermind. I want to be free from all those fucking problem. I'm stay to focus to my life. I have a great family and friends. I love them damn much. It just nothing life without you, without your contact, without you lovely song,without those your sweet words, without your "kasih sayang". Hihh. No! Im not "perli". Oke. Syukur Alhamdulillah with all I had now. Allah still love me. I know. Allah still beside me. Thanks God. I just need His love now.

Thats all. Assalamualaikum. Much love.

p/s : To my sister, I love you, please forget what just happend. My wish, I just want our relationship like before. I love you much Kak Farahliya and Kak Linda. Swear, this problem will not happen again next time. Forgive me >< You all are my love.

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  1. be strong babe..!
    girls can do almost everything that guys do..
    so, leave him..
    there's nothing wrong 2 feel what u feel now, b'coz, it always being ur precious expereince eva..!